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The Best Metal Cutting Tools

While there is nothing wrong with using good, old-fashioned hacksaw when cutting metal, there are a couple of faster and easier ways. If you are into this business, or you need a fix some things around the house occasionally, then you will need the help of the best...

How To Choose The Best Tile Cutter?

Tiles have become a common feature not only in homes but in commercial properties as well. Due to their hard-wearing finish and an endless range of patterns and designs, it means there is a tile for every area. Since tiles are made of clay, they are firm and dense,...

Lexington Cutter

Lexington Cutter is one of the leaders in the carbide tipped tools industry. With more than 20,000 locations across the United States, they have managed to achieve a significant reputation among customers and deliver the premium cutting tools. However, their units...

Arbor Milling

Arbor milling is a process that removes the material with a multi-toothed cutter, while the arbor mill is the machine that has the ability to remove material from a variety of materials rapidly. Here at Lexington Cutter, there is a vast selection of arbor type milling...

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5 Metal Cutter Tools With Amazing Results


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