The Best Metal Cutting Tools

While there is nothing wrong with using good, old-fashioned hacksaw when cutting metal, there are a couple of faster and easier ways. If you are into this business, or you need a fix some things around the house occasionally, then you will need the help of the best metal cutting tools.

For that reason, we are going to show you some powerful tool tips, as well as techniques, which will help you handle even the most challenging materials.

The best cutting disk

An angle grinder fitted with an abrasive metal-cutting disc can work well with different types of metals, including angle iron, bolts, sheet metal, and rebar. However, angle grinder has one flaw; it tends to wear down quickly and cut slowly.

So, instead of using a traditional blade, you should go for a diamond one, which is often used to cut ferrous metal. Additionally, the diamond blade is more durable, cuts cleaner and faster, and wears down much slower. Nowadays, you can find plenty of diamond disks at a hardware store and home centers, which will offer you excellent performance compared to abrasive ones.

Sheet metal cutting tool

While it might be an obvious choice, matched with the right blade, a circular saw may be a great metal-cutting tool. It can cut through rebar like a hot knife through butter. However, you have to be careful because hot metal chips fly everywhere.

In this case, wear protective gear and gloves because you don’t want to be coated with metal chips.

When it comes to shopping, you can purchase ferrous metal cutting blades at hardware stores and home centers, and you can choose between two types, steel-tooth blade, and carbide-tooth blades. Of course, carbide ones will last you longer and are more expensive.

Cutting aluminum

Miter saw, and type of blade made to cut nonferrous metal will help you make accurate and clean cuts on aluminum rods. But, make sure that the motor of your saw is closed; otherwise, it can collect metal chips.

Consider duct-taping a peace of clothes over the opening to protect the motor when you are cutting the aluminum.Additionally, you could tape the aluminum with wood backer because it will minimize the flying metal shards, while it is easier to hold the metal in place.

Cutting stainless steel

Nowadays, there are a lot of types of stainless steel, and some of them are really challenging to work with and cut.

Therefore, when it comes to small jobs, we suggest getting a metal-cutting disk, while, on the other hand, more substantial projects demand abrasive discs and an angle grinder.

Oscillating tool

When working in limited areas, or you need to make a flush cut, an osculating tool that features a metal-cutting blade can help you solve the problem.

Additionally, you can utilize an oscillating tool to cut through automotive bolts, plumbing pipes, other metal objects, as well as nails.Just make sure you have a blade that is intended to cut the metal.

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