Top Four Drywall Cutting Tools

Making cuts and holes on drywall requires some skills, but also the right drywall cutting tools. The same thing applies to home renovations or cutting panels during house construction. We have compared a couple of tools, which offer a fantastic performance and can significantly facilitate the job.

The cutting knife

This is one of the simplest ways to shape or cut drywalls, and it’s quite easy to use, especially if you are remodeling your home. When we compare this one to other tools, cutting knife is quite cheap, and it will help you cut a section of drywall without breaking your budget.

You can explore a couple of models, and they are specially designed to cut drywall. Utility knives have an ergonomic design and are lightweight. With their help, you can cut straight lines in drywalls, with no extra cost involved. Additionally, it is dust and noise proof, unlike other tools.

However, keep in mind that some of them are poorly built; therefore, you might need to replace them more often than not. But, you can still use this knife to make straight cuts, or if you need to replace a section of your wall.


Another tool on our list, FASTBACK II has a press and flip mechanism which provides a smooth opening. This tool features another blade that is safely installed inside its body. However, changing the blade is quite easy, while it’s lightweight and ergonomic design promotes comfortable drywall cutting.

Once you start using this knife, make sure to mark and measure all the cutting lines. This will allow you precision in work, while avoid making mistakes.

Jab Saw

The Jab Saw resembles a large knife with teeth, and it is mostly made for drywall cutting. These types of tools are quite affordable and might be great for projects where you don’t require precision. Jab saw also goes by name pad, or alligator saw.

You can find two types of these tools, with wooden or rubber handles. Please note that the rubber handle is more durable and lightweight than a wooden one. If you are working in remote areas, where a power outlet is out of reach, then jab saw might be a great choice to consider. One of the models to keep in mind is Stanely FatMax Jab Saw.
However, you will need an additional tool when making the start-point hole.

Oscillating tool

While this might be a bit confusing, an oscillating tool isn’t the same as a rotary tool. Even though both have a couple of things in common, the oscillating tool moves in rapid back-and-forth motions.

On top of that, it is more efficient and quicker than the rotary one, when managing larger tasks.

The majority of models feature led light, which is quite convenient when working in dark places. One of the best units on the market is the Dewalt Corded Oscillating Took Kit. This tool is great for occasional home projects, or people who need to cut celling drywall.

David Jones

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